February 9, 2014

Valentine's Door Hanger

Less than a week to go to Valentine's Day and I finally finished the door hanger for the front door. It took double the time since I made some fatal errors that resulted in me having to start over from scratch. But it's done and it's hanging on the door in the snowmaggedon that is continuing outside.

I wanted an XO door hanger and had the idea to modge podge some scrapbook paper on to the X and O letters I picked up from Michaels.

First I traced the letters on to the paper. And there's the first mistake.

I didn't look at the paper before I traced on the back.  Oh. Heck.

I figured I could fix it by matching the pattern and cutting and modpodging the new piece over top of the booboo.  Yay me.

Then I got the bright idea of spray painting the letters pink to match the paper.  Except I forgot to read the label and wound up with high gloss pink that wouldn't dry.  Mistake number two.

I'm still plowing ahead thinking it won't matter all that much until I realized I had left the lid off the matte  modpodge and the contents were a big rock.  Seriously.

I moved on to the high gloss modpodge.  At this point, I realize that by tracing the paper on the back it didn't fit when I went to attach it to the front of the letters because they weren't symmetrical.  It's at this point that I poured a glass of wine and gave up.

Fast forward two weeks and I'm at Hobby Lobby when I see a much cheaper version of the letters. Yay! Grabbed the X and the O for $2.49 each.  Much better than the $6.99 white ones I got at Michael's in Canada.

So here we go again.  This time I carefully traced the letters on the paper, pattern side up so I knew they would match up.  I didn't bother painting them at all and just went straight to modpodging the paper on the letters.

Once the letters were dry, I flipped them over and attached some pink ribbon (from my endless supply) to hook the letters together and at the top to make a bow.

I also hot glued these cute little crocheted roses to the bottom of the letters to jazz them up a bit.

And success!! Finally!

 And here it is hanging on the front door.

Everything has looked so bare since the Christmas decorations came down, I was thrilled to finally have this door hanger finished.

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